Thanks for visiting Flexpad! For more than four decades I have ground my fingers to their nubs trying to perfect products professionals can benefit from having in their shop.
— Jerry Mowe

Flexpad Professional Sanding Products website has been upgraded! Not only are we committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, we also want your shopping experience to be secure and enjoyable. 

Flexpad still continues to innovate new products that meets the needs of the most seasoned professionals. Our product is handcrafted and proudly made in the USA. 

Featured Builder: Ray Lucke

Ray Lucke is our featured builder. I have known Ray since the 70's when he glassed for me in both my surfboard glassing factories in Costa Mesa and Tustin. I'm proud add him to the featured builders section on my site.


Featured Shaper: Rusty Preisendorfer

Check out Rusty Preisendorfer utilizing a Flexpad in this killer video! Rusty is one of the best shapers of our generation and I am stoked to see him using Flexpad products!